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November 24th 2014 :: Inter dal folk dance competition

Inter dal folk dance competition was held on 24th Nov. 2014. 8 participants from each house participated with 3 folk dances. The Sr NIOS gave a brief up of the

dances before the performances. The Blue House performed the Maharashtrian Folk dance, The Red House performed Kerala folk dance & The Yellow House performed the Rajasthani Garba.

The Judge for the event was Ms Shruti Kulkarni. The winner of the competition was the Yellow House. They were awarded the trophy by our director Randhir sir, Principal Roxanne madam and the Judge. The high school seemed to have enjoyed the competition.

November 21st 2014 :: Field trip to the Water Treatment Plant

On Friday, the 21st of November 2014 the children of woodpeckers (class III) were taken for a field trip to the Water Treatment Plant.

The children were instructed about the process of water purification by their Class Teacher Haleema Didi prior in class, hence it helped in creating more interest among the children. Haleema Di, Ajay Sir, Priya Di and Beeta Di guided the children throughout the field trip making sure that the children were continuously engaged and anxious to learn more.

Mr. Randive from water treatment plant took the children around the plant and explained to them the technical details of the purification process. It was surprising to see the efforts that are taken to filter and purify water. Children were also fascinated with the heavy and continuous water flow around them.

The field trip helped the children of class III in enhancing their knowledge and at the same time made them realize the importance of clean and pure water.

The Rewachand Bhojwani Academy Junior School would like to thank Mr. Manoj Bhandare, Chief Chemist, Water Treatment Plant and his team who gave us an opportunity to visit the plant and draw enormous amount of information.


November 21st 2014 :: Field trip to Shaniwar Wada and Lal Mahal

Field trip to Shaniwar Wada and Lal Mahal was organized for Std, IV on 21st Nov. 2014.

Chilldren were very excited for the trip. Shaniwar Wada was full of excitement for them. Rupam Di explained the significance and history of Shaniwar Wada and the important people associated with it. Since the children are studying about the Marathas in History, this field trip was very beneficial for them.

Children along with the teachers explored Shaniwar Wada with enthusiasm.

Then they were taken to Lal Mahal, residence of Shivaji Maharaj and Jijamata. Since they are studying life history of Shivaji, Lal Mahal held too much of excitement for them. Didi asked questions related to Shivaji and Lal Mahal and explained the significance of it. Children thoroughly enjoyed and learnt important facts about these two great historical places.

November 19th 2014 :: Market Day

On Wednesday 19th of Nov., the Junior School had their market day event organized. The day started with teachers setting up stalls of vegetable, fruits, grocery, general stores etc. Under and around the chickoo tree where the colours of the fruits and vegetables brightened the school helping it to create a market scene for the children.

The market day felt complete when the student came in dressed up as bhajiwala / bhajiwali's in colourful kashta's and dhoti's. Every class was allotted a specific time for buying and selling the products that were available to them at the stalls. Teachers were appointed to make sure that the children know their vegetable, fruits and pulses well and also to supervise whether the transactions made between the buyer and seller were appropriate.

Children had a great time moving to different stalls and purchasing goods at their interest using the artificial currency. Students of class III were playing their roles of Bhajiwalas / Bhajiwali extremely enthusiastically and at the same children at class IV purchased their goods by bargaining with the vendors.

The Market Day event gave the Junior school students an opportunity to anticipate in buying and selling of goods. The main aim of the set up was to create an interesting and creative learning environment for the children, where they learned about different fruits, vegetables as well as how to deal with money during any purchase in their day to day life.

November 14 to 16 2014 :: Rural Visit to Hidden Oasis

Day 1
It was the day we all were waiting for since we got into the 9th. It was the day when we were going to the Rural Visit! We left school at 8.45 a.m. and then reached Hidden Oasis at 9.30 a.m. The first thing we did once we reached was that we had breakfast. Then our instructor, Sanket sir took us all around the campus. He showed us the solar panel through which electricity is supplied throughout the campus as well as there was a windmill as a backup during winters! Then he showed us the lake build by the very own hidden oasis staff from which water is supplied in the campus and after usage again filtered back into the lake. Then he took us to the viniculture pits where by using animal dung fertilizers were formed for the farms. Later after the campus tour he took us in the hall and made us play a game call pirates and my group name was “THE NYA – NYA GROUP’! Though it was a fun game luck was not on our side but towards the end we took the lead and won! It was lunch time, we ate lunch wandered a bit and then again played a game call ‘Star’ where our group lost but was fun! Then we did a little bit of farming where we understood the tremendous efforts made by the farmers in just 15 minutes! After this we played a game called ‘The Dragons Tail’ this game taught us the values of group work and group efforts, our group won this game too. Now It was turn for the Rain Dance and all of us danced a lot!! All of us returned to our rooms drenched and tired. After we got in our dry clothes, we went for our snacks and once we were back to our rooms we started rehearsing for our ‘MAD ADS’ We had been given a funny product and had to make an AD for it! Our group got this product a FART DEO and after our dinner we acted it out pretty well and won the game! We couldn’t have our campfire due to a sudden downpour and had to go to bed!

Day 2
We woke up all of a sudden and were really disappointed as our walk got cancelled due to continuous downpour! We got ready and then to overcome this disappointment Andy Sir gave us all activity where our group members had to become parts of machine and the product should be a mechanical object but we were only able to plan our object till it was time for breakfast! We had our breakfast and then played a little, Now it was time to go to the village, the real purpose of our visit. We had to trek a lot and dirtied our shoes and reached the village! There we saw the changes that took place from generation to generation and now how technology had made farming a little easier. There was a lake nearby from which water was supplied to the whole village! After we returned from the village we had our lunch and then played a little football! After this we went for the Zipluse which was a lot of fun and to return we had to cross the Burma bridge where our friends were wildly shaking it! It was a lot of fun! Then came our traditional game! The Treasure Hunt! Our group – The NYA- NYA group won this game too! This game was the best in the visit. We had snacks. After this, we wrote these reports! We presented our Mechanical objects after that and ours was an auto-rickshaw and we won. We had dinner after this and then at last we had our campfire and then back to bed!

Day 3
The day of our return, the day we wished never come but there it was smiling at us and we in return glowing it. But we had our breakfast and left 'THE HIDDEN OASIS'.

November 13th & 14th 2014 :: Fancy Dress Show

Every year 14th Nov. is celebrated as children’s day all over India. This day is celebrated in remembrance of the 1st Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly called as Chacha Nehru as 14th Nov. is his birthday & he was very fond of Children.

At R.B.A. Children had a double bonanza as we had the celebration for two days 13th and 14th Nov. 2014.

On 13th Nov., a Fancy Dress show was put up by the tiny-tots and little angels of the Pre-school i.e. the Play Group, Junior and Senior KG children and children from Junior Jacanas.

The classes had decided upon a theme and children were dressed up according to the theme for their class. Play-group had sweets, chocolates and Ice–creams as the theme for the event. All the children were dressed up as sweets, candies, chocolates and ice-creams. At the same time they were seen confidently walking the ramp.

The Junior KG theme was Nature, and each and every child was dressed up as different elements of nature such as trees, leaves, earth, flowers etc. Each one had a message that said 'Save Trees', 'Save Earth', etc. It was nice to see parents involved as well.

The Junior Jacana's had 'Go-Green' as their theme, they also were dressed up as trees, flowers etc. One child was dressed up as a CNG petrol pump, conveying the message of going green, avoiding pollution and thus saving our earth.

Senior KG children were dressed up in a very interesting and cute way. They were showcasing the 'mad-ad world', so each child was dressed up as a product / consumer item and was advertising the product by saying the tag-line of the product as seen in the ads, children were so differently and wonderfully prepared.

It was a great event, great opportunity for children to perform in front of their friends and teachers.

It was a great effort from class teachers and parents who had prepared their children so well.

November 14th 2014 :: Children's Day Celebration

Children's day is celebrated on 14th Nov. every year. It is a day when children are made to feel special. AT RBA, the Junior college children put up a wonderful performance to entertain the little ones.

Teachers had set up stalls of different types of games, face painting and tattoo for the children. They were shown a movie in the AV room and at the end of the day they danced to their favourite Hindi movie songs. Overall an eventful and happy day at RBA for the Junior School. In the Senior School the day started with “Swach Abhiyaan”or cleanliness drive. The children from Std. V to X donned gloves and masks and with brooms in their hands cleaned the school premises and the adjoining area. The children were then given Samosas. They watched a movie in AV room which was followed by a drawing mela. The children had a happy day.

November 8th 2014 :: Growing up gracefully

RBA stands out from other schools by hosting different activities for it's students. For its outgoing batch of students: Indian Robins (Std. X) and Leafbirds (NIOS) RBA organized an overnight stay in school known as 'Growing Up Gracefully). This year, the theme was 'Discovering Yourself' carried out through different activities amongst which was the viewing and discussion of the film 'English Vinglish'. The children had a wonderful evening under the care of their teachers and director, Randhir Sir.

September 26th 2014 :: PTA Dandiya party

The PTA Dandiya party was an extraordinary occasion to celebrate the festive season at RBA. The evening carefully planned out by the PTA with the performing arts team and RBA staff, was well attended and enjoyed by all parents, staff and children.
The PTA members performed the Dandiya with joyful enthusiasm under the RBA canopy as others clapped and joined in the festivities. Dancers and others all came dressed in beautiful, colourful, traditional costumes and participated actively in the evening’s celebrations.
A wide variety of attractive Food stalls were also organized on the school grounds. As the delicious refreshments were served to all children, parents, guests and teachers all flocked around the food stalls to buy the delicious foods contributing to the PTA Fund raising activities.
Great thanks to our dynamic PTA, front office team led by Varkha di, all teachers and the performing arts team who worked so generously to make the occasion such a grand success!

PTA Dandiya party PTA Dandiya party PTA Dandiya party PTA Dandiya party PTA Dandiya party PTA Dandiya party PTA Dandiya party

September 25th 2014 :: Field trip - Agricultural Farm in Mundhwa

A total of 96 children from Play group to Sr Kg and Jr Jacana went on an exciting field trip to an agricultural farm in Mundhwa on Sept 25, 2014. They had great fun walking in the fields as they learnt about a variety of crops vegetables and fruits growing on the farm. There was Sugarcane, Corn, and groundnuts, Soyabean, Fenugreek and even Guava (which the children were allowed to sample!) Root vegetables were shown and explained to the children who could then recognise these well and better understand their lesson on Food. They were asked to collect vegetables, fruits and leaves fallen down and bring them back to the classroom where they spoke about them too. While at the farm the children saw Hens, Goats, Dogs and Sheep. To their great excitement the teachers and children even saw a train go by!

Field trip - Agricultural Farm in Mundhwa Field trip - Agricultural Farm in Mundhwa Field trip - Agricultural Farm in Mundhwa

20 - 09 - 14 :: City of Tomorrow

The City of Tomorrow was an impressive exhibition created by children from Flower Peckers (Class 4) with support from teachers in charge and the performing arts team. The purpose was to depict a pollution free city of Pune that promotes a holistic health style.
A range of realistic models were made to depict resident’s homes and a range of comprehensive services.
Among the children’s exhibits of the ‘City of Tomorrow’ some interesting themes included:
Places of Worship - Beautifully crafted Temple, Churches, Mosques)
Hospitals with an awaiting ambulanc ready to go!
Transport including a Metro train, Roadways and Rail tracks
Parks and Gardens for a Green environment
Different types of Ecofriendly Houses to promote a healthy lifestyle
Educational institutions : including the University and a model of RBA!

Children from Class IV were allocated individual projects in early September and worked excitedly to complete their exhibits to depict their dreams and visions of the future city of Pune!
As the Flower Peckers children worked together to display their exhibits they were encouraged and helped by teachers Halima di and Rupam di. Amidst the great excitement in the Naad Mandir, other teachers across the school also came together to support the activity. Children from Senior Jacana were pleased to participate in the exhibition as well with their project on “Our Houses” Parents actively supported children to avail of this opportunity to develop their skills and ideas using recyclable wastes. This encouraged children to express their ideas in concrete ways to enhancing self confidence and creativity. Parents visited the exhibition eagerly as they came in for the PTC and enjoyed the excellent work on display. All came together as a team during the final preparations to complete the layout and displays to make the exhibition a great success!
City of Tomorrow City of Tomorrow City of Tomorrow

9 - 09 - 14 :: Chefs at work

Std: IV, Flower Peckers
Chefs at work had put our little chefs to work on Friday the 9th September where the children of class IV had to test their culinary skills. There was great excitement among the students, as they were asked to make vegetable sandwiches by themselves. The entire event looked extremely colorful as the students were wearing colorful aprons having different coloured vegetables placed in front of them. The material to prepare the sandwiches; such as vegetables, butter, cheese, bread etc. were provided to the students by Varkha Di and Mahadev Bhaiya. All the knives, chopping boards, grinder etc was taken from the school kitchen. The Class teacher Rupam Didi was continuously on the supervision to teach the students how to prepare a sandwich with different ingredients and simultaneously the science teacher Shobha Di explained to the students the nutritional value of each ingredient. While the children were in the process of preparing their sandwich Shobha Di also took the opportunity to conduct an experiment on how to test the presence of carbohydrates in various food products. Finally after all the chopping, cutting, grinding, spreading of butter and shredding the cheese all the sandwiches were put together to treat the taste buds of our teachers and students. Presentation of each sandwich had a different appeal as it represented one’s own unique creativity and style. The entire event could not be possible without the help and support of Roxxane Aunty. Hence we would love to thank her for giving us the opportunity to conduct this wonderful event.

Chefs at work did not only help the students to prepare a sandwich but it created an awareness as to what nutrition and balanced meal is to a healthy life.
Chefs at work Chefs at work Chefs at work

02 - 09 - 14 :: Ganapati Visarjan

In the RBA tradition, today all teachers and children from the Junior school gathered for the final puja and aarti for the Ganapati Visarjan. Children were dressed in special dupattas and joined teachers in the procession around the school amidst recitations of 'Ganpati Bappa Morya!' to honour Lord Ganesh.

19 - 08 - 14 :: Dahi-Handi Celebration

Students of the entire school from Play group and Jacana to the Junior College participated today in the Dahi Handi celebrations with great joy and enthusiasm.

Preparations were carried out well in advance as earthen pots were decorated in beautiful colours and filled with multicolour decorations! Amidst enjoyable music every group circled and danced around their Handi enthusiastically to music and songs of ‘Govinda Ala Re’. The younger children looked delightful as they all came dressed as Lord Krishna.
Dahi-Handi Celebration Dahi-Handi Celebration Dahi-Handi Celebration

Starting from the senior students, individuals from each group were given a chance to try and break the Handi with a circulating stick. Students all cheered loudly once the Handi was finally broken. The younger children from Play group and Junior Jacana seemed to have the most fun of all with the torrential rain coming down to add to the fun and dance. A truly enjoyable experience for all!

15 - 08 - 14 :: Independence Day Celebration

Senior School Independence Day celebrations were held on August 15, 2014 with Flag Hoisting at 7.30 am followed by the National Anthem. The welcome address and speech by Officiating Principal Roxanne was followed by patriotic group songs by the Munias, Papiyas and Yellow Wagtails. Students gave interesting speeches in English (Ninad Adak) and Marathi (Anyan Shah) and this was followed by a spectacular group dance by the Pelicans. The celebration came to a close with a warm Felicitation of Std X by the director Prof. Randhir Khare.
Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Celebration

14 - 08 - 14 :: Freedom through colours competition

Freedom through colours - drawing competition was held on the occasion of Independence Day.
Freedom through colours - drawing competition Freedom through colours - drawing competition Freedom through colours - drawing competition

13 - 08 - 14 :: Independence Day Celebration

The Junior School children participated enthusiastically in a great Independence celebration on August 13. The celebration started with a parade around the school of all children dressed as National leaders. The first performance was a short play on National Heroes by the Jacanas where the children were dressed as various National heroes!

This was followed by Patriotic group songs by children from Play group, Sr Kg, Class III and IV. The 'Jai Ho' Group dance by children from Class I and II received a resounding applause and children were happy to come back on stage to perform the dance again to the delight of all children and teachers in the audience! This was followed by well prepared final speeches by Class IV. The memorable celebrations ended with the National anthem.
Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Celebration

09 - 07 - 14 :: Palkhi Celebration

During the Palkhi celebrations children paid homage to Lord Vitthal and dressed as Warkaris - his devotees. The story of Lord Vithoba and Pundalik - a young devotee was narrated by Mamta di and followed by aarti by teachers and a procession by all around the school.

School celebrations were held in memory of Warkaris from all over Maharashtra participating in the Palkhi celebrations on foot until they reach Pandharpur on Ashadhi Ekadashi. While walking they sing many Gajars and Abhangas using Taals, Mridangs, Veenas and Khanjiris. On reaching Pandharpur they celebrate the whole day by singing, dancing and reciting Lord Vithoba’s name.

Palkhi Celebration Children dressed as Warkaris Palkhi Celebration Children dressed as Warkaris

05 - 07 - 14 :: PTA General Body Meeting

The PTA General Body Meeting was well attended this evening by parents and teachers from Play Group and Jacana up to Class X.

The meeting began with a warm welcome by the Principal, Roxanne Quadros followed by an enthusiastic account of the PTA activities by Mrs. Arti Galani, PTA Chairperson of 2013-2014. These included parent education workshops, parent teacher appreciation events, supplementary funding for deserving students and more. She then invited new PTA members and volunteers for the year 2014-15.

A total of 17 PTA representatives and 25 volunteers were selected and felicitated. Click here to view member list >>>

In a true spirit of inclusion this year, a representative from Jacana also joined the PTA to create space and scope for a wider variety of abilities, attitudes and views. The new PTA Executive members will be elected by the new representatives on Friday, July 11, 2014. The PTA Handbook was circulated to all new members to help them understand their roles and responsibilities in an effort to preserve positive values and help build strong relationships among teachers, parents and the school.

17 PTA representatives and 25 volunteers General Body Meeting Parents at General Body Meeting Parents at General Body Meeting

July 14 :: DEAR Time

Books are for company – children’s best friends and counsellors. Young children need to read nonfiction for information and also to understand literature for imagination and self understanding. DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read) at RBA is an innovative concept to celebrate the joy of reading. We celebrate DEAR TIME all of July when every staff and student spend the first ten to fifteen minutes of their day reading books especially story books!

This is a wonderful and truly inspirational concept and effort by RBA to inculcate reading among students to open their minds to the world and help them understand who they are and how they can make their lives better.

Students during 'Drop Everything and Read' time Students during 'Drop Everything and Read' time DEAR Time DEAR Time

30 - 06 - 14 :: HIV/AIDS Awareness Day -

Std X (Indian Robins) celebrated HIV/AIDS Awareness Day today with remarkable efforts and enthusiasm. The day started with an Assembly presentation by students to increase awareness about the symptoms and detection of the disease. Precautionary measures and the myths and superstitions were particularly highlighted to ensure the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Individual students prepared and presented a range of interesting HIV/AIDS projects based on the SSC board curriculum. These were well received and shared among all.

26 - 06 - 14 :: The Bajaj Allianz Orientation -

Today the students of Std IX (Doves) and Std X (Indian Robbins) had an orientation session with Bajaj Allianz - the well known insurance company. The session was an interactive and informative one to create awareness about the importance of insuring oneself. Students participated in a few games and quizzes to learn about what to do in an emergency and the relevance of insurance policies.

Based on the information taught every child participated in a national level essay writing competition on ‘my dreams’. Children were greatly interested and took part enthusiastically. Bookmarks and stickers were distributed to all children.

Orientation session with Bajaj Allianz Orientation session with Bajaj Allianz Orientation session with Bajaj Allianz Orientation session with Bajaj Allianz

25 - 06 - 14 :: Red Colour Week -

The Red Colour week celebrations were initiated today by teachers and children from Play group to Sr Kg with great enthusiasm and creativity to familiarise children with the colour Red through innovative teaching. Children enjoyed a variety of learning activities and creative activities - Finger painting, Collage making, Group painting and Paper work – all in the colour Red! As children and teachers both came to school dressed in Red, teachers also facilitated lively discussions to help differentiate the shades of the colour Red. Children were even encouraged to bring red coloured foods in their lunch boxes to help facilitate lively group discussions and correlate their teaching with the colour red. Some children’s parents in the Play group even prepared delightful pictures of red fruits to support children’s learning.

As the week progresses, learning of the colour red is being integrated creatively by teachers into the curriculum: Language and Communication concepts, Art and Music. All in all a great experience for both teachers and children alike!

Red colour creativity Children in red Collage Finger painting

21 - 06 - 14 :: Rotary International Citation award

A special ceremony was held recently on the occasion of the Rotary International Citation award given to the Interact club at the RBA Campus. The citation was ceremoniously presented to Amala Mhaiskar, President of the Interact Club of RBA, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Poona. On this occasion the chief guest Lila Poonawala lauded the efforts of RBA in inculcating the leadership qualities among the students through Interact Club. She also emphasised that girls are sincere and focused and should be given all the scope to surge ahead and make their career and choice.

She congratulated the students and parents and marvelled at the school performance. She expressed that RBA is doing an excellent work as their student teacher ratio is 10:1. Dr. Laxmikant Bhojwani felicitated the Principal, teachers and students for getting 100% SSC and NIOS results with 80% students getting distinctions. The topper in RBA Gargi Raghavendra Datar and her parents were felicitated.

The Principal Roxanne Quadros welcomed the guests, parents and students. Prof. Randhir Khare, Director Educational Projects introduced the chief guest Padmashree Lila Poonawala and Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Rotary District Governor.

Dr. Laxmikant Bhojwani, RBA chairman felicitated the guests.

Acknowledging efforts of leadership in school Dr Deepak  Shikarpur, Lila Poonawalla and Dr.Laxmikant Bhojwani felicitating the student

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Lila Poonawalla and Dr. Laxmikant Bhojwani felicitating the student